There are 12 areas of training in the Inosanto/LaCoste blend of Filipino Martial arts, join us to learn the whole system, or to adapt the areas that are most useful to your personality and needs. 

As members explore the different categories they may find themselves drawn more to one area or another, and may find tools that can be adapted to other areas of their training and practice. 

The nature of Kali-FMA training challenges the body and mind regardless of age, creating better connectivity in the brain, more fluid, graceful and precise movement from the body, and gives the practitioner a skill that will keep them healthy, mobile and safe for life. 

  1. Single Stick/Sword/Ax/Cane
  2. Double Stick/Sword/Axe
  3. Stick/Cane/Sword & Dagger, Sword & Shield, Long & Short Stick
  4. Double Dagger, Double Short Sticks
  5. Single Dagger, Single Short Stick
  6. Palm Stick, Double End Dagger
  7. Panantukan (boxing)/Panadiakan or Sikaran (kicking)/Dumog(Grappling)/Anak-Pagkus (bite&punch)/Higot-Hubad-Lubad-Hampak (tie, untie, blend & hit)
  8. Sibat (staff), Dula (oar), Bugsay (paddle), Bangkaw (spear), Spear & Shield, Spear & Sword/Stick, Spear & Dagger, Dos Manos (2 handed stick)
  9. Sarong/Malong, Belt/Whip, Rope/Chain, Scarf/Head band/Handkerchief, Olisi Toyok, Tabak Toyok, Yo-Yo, Tabak Lubid, Stingray Tail
  10. Hand thrown weapons:Spear, dagger, wooden splinter/spikes, coins, rocks, sand,powder-any object
  11. Projectile weapons:Bow, Sling, Blowgun, Slingshot, Firearms
  12. Mental, emotional, spiritual training/Healing arts/Health Skills/Rhythm-Dance/History, Philosophy, Ethics

To find out more contact us or stop by to try a class.