“every human is an athlete, life is a sport, we are always training, learning and adapting to”[- J. Neidlinger 

My mission, is to find ways to help the people I interact with professionally and privately, find ways to Get Strong, Stay Strong, move toward better everyday, have fun, and don’t break. 

After coaching and teaching fitness, martial arts, self defense and physical culture for 20+ years, in private, one on one, private groups, pro and semi-pro team settings, corporate wellness programs and educating other professional coaches at the international level it still boils down to a singular purpose. Help the individual, or individuals that have entrusted me to help them move toward their goals, to navigate that path safely, as quickly as possible, in a simple, sustainable and sustainable way.

I am lucky to be in a position where I get the opportunity to help you discover what your body is capable of, prevent and rebound from injuries, improve sports performance and skill, reduce the aches and pains of daily life, learn how to defend themselves in the ring, on the mat or in the street and how to become the master navigator of your  life.

The governing principal is that your nervous system, and your brain, form a GPS that helps navigate the map of your world, and your life, in a safe way. If any part of that map is foreign (perhaps we have not traveled those paths much or at all) or dangerous (we may have been hurt in the past, physically, mentally or emotionally) we may experience a decline in ability and athletic performance.

I dedicate my time to helping you learn how to use that compass, and map together to move your body through the world with less pain, more strength, better endurance and posture, with the least effort and most return possible.


James Neidlinger is the owner and head coach of Tacoma, Kali, JKD, Personal Training. He has more than 20 years of experience coaching fitness, martial arts, self defense, and athletic skill development. He is a physical culture historian and promotes a wholistic, brain based approach to fitness that puts the goals of the client at the center of every decision made regarding their coaching and programming. He has coached individuals and groups from the age of 6 to 93 for fitness, performance and pain free movement.